The Map

When your module is loaded, you'll be able to see the map.  Most game modules have a play area that's bigger than what you can see in the WGP window.   The window may be re-sized to suit your needs.   You can scroll around the map by using the scroll bars or the Game Control window

Most games use hexes to regulate movement.  WGP is primarily intended to support these sorts of games, but area-type games may be used as well.  Even if the hexes aren't visible, WGP uses a hex grid to determine where units are.  You'll see this in the red hex marker as you click on the map.  Many game modules have a usable area that's larger than the board, and have charts and turn records as well as the play map available.

You may want to see what the map looks like under the units.  You can do this at any time by pressing the "T" on the keyboard or using the Tool controls.  This will clear all units off the map.  Press the "T" key again to restore the units.  You may still examine the contents of any hex by clicking on the hex even if the units aren't shown on the map.

If you quickly want to see the terrain of a specific hex, you can right click over that hex to see through the units.

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