Tool Controls

The tool controls at the top of the WGP screen provide the user with easy access to the most commonly used WGP functions:

       Load a Saved game or setup

       Save your game in progress

       Reset the playback recorder (erase the record to this point)

       Define the number and sides of dice to be thrown.

       Throw the die (used for non-combat related die rolls)

       Insert a comment

       View the Terrain with no units on the board (May also be toggled with the keyboard by pressing "T")

       View Units on the map (toggles opposite the Terrain button)

       Program is in Movement Mode

       Program is in Combat mode (recording combat assignments)

       Combat mode is 1 by 1, results are obtained before other combat is designated.

       Combat is being pre-declared.  All combats are designated, and then resolved in the order they were designated.

       Declared combats are being resolved.

The following tools are disabled unless the user is carrying units

       Select a "higher" step (highest is 1) for the units being carried.  See Steps.

       Select a "lower" step for the units being carried.

       Change facing indicator 60 degrees counterclockwise.

Change facing indicator 60 degrees clockwise

       Completely hide the units being carried from the opposing players (Must have player ID defined).

       Hide the identification of the unit being carried.  Shows the step 1 image of the unit and hides all other information from the opposing player  (Must have player ID defined).

       Unhides the units being carried.

The following tools are disabled while the user is carrying units.

       Deal a card to another player (Must be module supported, and player ID's defined)

       View/manage cards dealt to you.

       Pause replay.

       Move Replay forward by one action

       Run replay without pauses

       Stop Replay and return to game

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