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The latest Release version of the WarGame Processor is the 4.11 release dated 5 Jul 04. If you see anything that doesn't look right, please let me know.

The help file for Version 4 is still in work. Please be patient.

What's new?

WGP Version 4 has a number of improvements:

Of course, the most obvious thing is that everything's bigger! More room for detail on your maps, and more information can be packed onto your counters!

The hex rows may be run either horizontally or vertically. No more having to cant your maps if the hex row wasn't horizontal.

The modules are saved as .png graphics. This makes for smaller module sizes.

There is no longer any limit to how long comments can be. Likewise, the restriction that only 40 units could attack or defend at a time has been lifted.

Unit names and hex names can be longer

WGP now has the ability for module designers to "lock" their games, and control who is allowed access to that module. This allows people to design games for profit without having to worry about piracy.

Future development:

The WarGame Processor has undergone a major upgrade this winter which involved major restructuring of the data files in both the module and saved game files.Here are a few of the features I still have planned for the future:

Unit paths: I may be able to have a function which will allow you to see the full path that a given unit has moved since the last replay reset.