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The WarGame Processor is Shareware. Unregistered users are limited in the number of times they may save a game in progress. I'm convinced that by the time you run against this limit, you'll willingly register.

The registration fee is $25 US. To register, you will send me the lock code generated by your copy of WGP. I will send back the corresponding Key which will unlock the save and replay functions to allow full use. I will also add you to my database of users, and add you the opponents page here on this site. When you register, let me know by separate e-mail what games you already have, and I'll send you the modules for those games, if I have them.

Registration is a one-time event. Registering will put you on the mailing list for WGP upgrades, module release notices, and will get you listed on the Opponents wanted page.

Remember, NEVER send credit card information over an unsecured internet connection, or in unencrypted e-mail! Please don't send me your credit card information. I can't use it, and I don't want it!

You may use PAYPAL to pay for the WarGame Processor. If you wish to use an alternate method of payment, please Contact me for mailing information.


STEP 1: When you start the wargame processor, you will be given an opportunity to register now:

STEP 2: Press <CTRL - C> to copy the registration lock code to your clipboard:

STEP 3: Click on the field below and press <CTRL-V> to paste the code into the registration field. Press the PayPal button. This will deliver you and all your information to the PAYPAL server, which will process your credit card or PAYPAL account information.

Registration code


STEP 4: I will deliver a key code by e-mail to return to you. Paste that key code into the field provided in your registration dialog, press "OK" and you are done! Please allow up to 48 hours for key delivery. I am often out of town and may not have continuous access to my e-mail.

This will update a file in your WGP directory named "registered.key" Do not lose this file! You may want to make a backup in a safe place in case it somehow gets overwritten or lost. You do not have to repeat the registration process if you upgrade your WGP version. This file will only work on your computer. If you change or upgrade your operating system, this file will likely stop working for you. If this happens, I will re-validate your registration free of charge.

To avoid problems in registering WGP, be sure you have installed it in only one place on your computer. Do not install WGP on your desktop! You may make a shortcut to your installation by using the right mouse button to drag the WGP.exe to your desktop, and then selecting "make shortcut here" from the popup menu.