WarGame Processor Version 4 Modules

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NOTE: WGP modules are NOT complete games. You must own the board game for them to be useful to you, as they are without rules, charts, etc. Support the developers, buy the game.

You can usually find copies of games for sale on E-Bay, or check out the following sources:

Fine Games, a Portland based mail-order game retailer.
Boulder Games
European customers may be interested in checking out Leisure Games of London

WGP registration is not required to obtain modules, only ownership of the game.

Currently the following modules are available for version 4:

  Screen Shot
Advanced Third Reich

Afrika Korps


Battle of the Bulge (1965)

Screen Shot
Screen Shot
Fortress Europa


Empire of the Rising Sun

Squad Leader
Gameset 1

Stalingrad (1963)

Starship Troopers

The Russian Campaign

Victory in the Pacific

War and Peace

Rise and Decline of Hitler's Empire (Screenshot) To order, contact "MAG"