WarGame Processor Modules

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Most WGP modules are available through the PBEM Emporium WGP Page. If a module listed here has not yet made it to that page, contact me and I will send it to you (Please assure me you own the game). NOTE: WGP modules are NOT complete games. You must own the board game for them to be useful to you, as they are without rules, charts, etc. Support the developers, buy the game.

You can usually find copies of games for sale on E-Bay, or check out the following sources:

Fine Games, a Portland based mail-order game retailer.
Boulder Games,
European customers may be interested in checking out Leisure Games of London

WGP registration is not required to obtain modules, only ownership of the game.

Currently I have the following modules available for Version 3. Click on the titles for screenshots!

1941 (GDW)
Afrika Korps (Screenshot)
Advanced Third Reich (Screenshot)
Arnhem (from the SPI West Wall Quad)
Barbarossa, Minsk'41(EPOC Games) (Japanese Only - To order, contact "MAG")
Battle of the Bulge (Avalon Hill 1981 edition)
Battle for Moscow (For rules, go to the
Grognards website)
Bar-Lev (GDW)
Battle of the Bulge (Classic Avalon Hill game from 1965)
Battle of the Bulge (EPOC Games) (Japanese Only - To order, contact "MAG")
Bitter Woods (AH game of the Battle of the Bulge) (Screenshot)
Blue and Grey I (2 of the TSR Quad - Cemetary Hill and Antietam)
Breakout: Normandy (Screenshot)
DAK in the desert (Japanese Only - To order, contact "MAG")
D-Day (AH Classic) (Screenshot)
Divine Right (TSR fantasy game)
East Front (Columbia Games)
Empire of the Rising Sun
Fortress Europa
Fortress Europa (Japanese Version)
France, 1940
Frederick the Great (Screenshot)
Global War (A3R combined with EoRS) (GW2000 counters included).
Global War (SPI)
The Guns of August
Japanese Task Force (Japanese Only - To order, contact
The Longest Day (scenarios 1,2 &3)
Napoleon at Marengo (SPI)
NATO: the Next War in Europe (Screenhot)
Panzer Gruppe Guderian (Avalon Hill)
Patton's 3rd Army - the Lorraine Campaign (SPI)
Punic Wars (SPI, Strategy & Tactics Magazine #53)
Red Star, White Eagle
Revolt in the East (SPI) (Screenshot)
Rise and Decline of the Imperial Japan (Japanese Only - To order, contact "MAG")
Rivets (Metagaming Concepts microgame)
The Russian Campaign (Screenshot) (Alternate Version)
The Russo-Japanese War (Japanese Only - To order, contact
Squad Leader Scenarios:

Scenario 4 - The Hedgehog of Piepsk

Sorcerer (SPI, Decision Games)
Starship Troopers
Storm Over Arnhem
Third Reich, 4th edition
Tigers in the Mist (GMT)
Victory in the Pacific
Wagram (SPI)
War and Peace (Screenshot)
War At Sea (Screenshot)
When Eagles Fight

Modules known to be under development are:

Empires in Arms
Europa (Case White)
The Longest Day
Squad Leader (a never ending endeavor)
Turning Point Stalingrad