One of the most important features of the WarGame Processor is the Replay, which allows you to see your opponent's move "as it happens".  You'll see his units move in the order he moved them, as they touch each hex in their movement path.  You'll also see your opponent's comments, die rolls and card deck actions exactly as they were made. 

The WarGame Processor keeps a running record of every move made by a player, which is saved along with a the game in progress.  This is referred to as the "playback recorder."  The recorder is always running.  You can reset the recorder so that the replay record up to that point is erased by pressing "Reset Recorder" on the tool bar.  You should do this when you're beginning a new phase or turn, so your opponent doesn't have to review too much history to get to the bit of the game he hasn't seen yet.

To see the moves made since the last time the recorder was reset, press either of the the "Replay" buttons on the tool bar.  This will begin the playback. 

You may stop the replay at any time by pressing the "Stop replay" button on the tool bar.

There are two ways to view the replay: Step replay ()or continuous replay ().  In continuous replay, the playback will continue without pause, except for comments, which will stop the replay until you press the "OK" button of the comment box.  In the step replay mode, you must step through each move by pressing the "Step replay" button, or the space bar.

You may switch back and forth between these two modes as desired by pressing the desired button.

You may pause the continuous replay using the pause replay button.  You can examine stacks, etc while the replay is paused.

You may control the speed of the Replay animation and the length of the pause between each action by using the speed controls in the Preferences Requester (menu option "File ->Preferences").  Adjust these to suit yourself.

If the moving player encrypted a comment, the program will prompt you for the correct password when the encrypted comment is to be read.  If you do not know the password, press enter and the file will deny you access to read the comment and press on.  Passwords are case-sensitive.

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