The WarGame Processor is Shareware.  The fee to register is U.S. $25.  The easiest and most secure way to register is online through PayPal.  There is a PayPal link on the WarGame Processor website.  When you register online with a credit card, I am sent a registration notice with your name and e-mail address and other order information. Your credit card information is not sent to me. 

Do not send credit card information directly to the author.  I have no way to deal with it.  You should never divulge credit card information online except on a secure, trusted server.

To complete your registration form successfully, you will need the registration code from the WarGame Processor.   When you start WGP, you will be presented with the following dialog:

You can also get this dialog from the menu:

You can use WGP without registering by pressing "Register Later".  The number of saves you may perform on a particular game will be limited.  If you are not registered, you will see a prompt whenever you save a game, telling you how many saves remain:

When you press "Register Now", you will see the following dialog:

Copy the order ID code by pressing Ctrl-C, and paste into your paypal order form.

When your registration is received, you will be sent a welcome notice which will contain your key code and instructions for installing it.  This notice should be sent within 48 hours of your registration, and probably much sooner than that.  If you do not receive your response in 48 hours, contact the author to confirm receipt.  There may be rare times when the author has no e-mail access, and will not be able to respond.  Check the WarGame Processor Website blog to see if there are any scheduled registration outages.

Once installed, the key code will create a file called "Registered.key".  If you delete this file you will lose your registration.  If you upgrade operating systems on your computer, your "Registered.key" file may cease to function, and the program will behave as if it's unregistered.  If this happens, contact the Author through the WGP homepage with the new registration code, and a new key code will be sent to you.  You don't have to pay for WGP again if you upgrade your system. 

Copyright 2010, Sean Emerson

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