Moving Units

To move units, you first have to pick them up. There are two ways to pick units up. You may double-click on the hex (if you are not already carrying any units), and pick up the entire contents of the hex. You may also click on the hex to see the contents of the stack, and then pick individual units up by clicking on the unit buttons in the Game Control window. If there are more than 6 units in the stack, you may scroll up and down through the stack by using the arrow buttons above the unit buttons.

You may not pick up and carry units from more than one hex.

To put units down, double-click in the hex where you want to put them, and any units you are carrying will be placed there.

While you are carrying units, you may designate a path of movement by single-clicking in hexes along the path. During the replay the units will "touch" each hex so clicked.

If you want to see what units you are currently carrying, you may press the "H" key on the keyboard. This will show the stack of units you are carrying in the unit buttons on the left side of the window.

When you have picked units up, you may hide them, flip them over, select a different step, or change their facing.

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