The WarGame Processor (WGP) allows you to play your favorite board wargames on your computer. It's designed to provide as closely as possible the same experience you would have by setting up the board and playing with an opponent face-to-face. When you start the WarGame Processor, you will load up a game module which provides the data and graphics for one of any number of popular board wargames. Then you may move the units just like you would do on the cardboard version, make comments as you play, throw dice, distribute cards and any other action you would take in a tabletop game. When you've completed your move, you can save it and send it to your opponent, and he'll be able to replay it as if you were sitting across the table from him.

The WarGame Processor will not play the game with you. It has no Artificial Intelligence. In essence, it's nothing more than a sophisticated graphical database to be used to track your movements and positions for playing these games by mail. Nor does it enforce any rules. There are many WarGame Processor game modules, and each game has it's own unique rules, as well as home-made variants. The WarGame Processor has numerous options to maximize its usefulness for a wide variety of the more popular games. Not every feature available in the WarGame Processor will necessarily be used by every game module.

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