Combat Resolution

The "Resolve combat" mode allows the player to resolve combats which were declared in the Declare mode.  While in this mode,  no units may be moved.

Attacks declared in Declare mode will be resolved in the order in which they were declared. To initiate resolution, press the "Next" button above the defend combat box. A comment window will be opened.  This will contain the details of the combat, who took part, and what the dice roll was. The user may enter any additional comments, such as units which joined the combat after it was declared, odds and results, before saving the comment. Canceling a comment box or editing the die roll text after a combat is not possible.

The user may switch back and forth between the Combat and Movement modes between combat resolutions to make post-combat movements.  The user may also perform 1 by 1 combats in between declared combat resolutions, without affecting the declarations.

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